October 25, 2016

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Our babysitter sent me this picture she took of Hudson this morning - he LOVES coloring & painting these days. So sweet!!

This happened yesterday I was laying on the couch &
everything was so peaceful & QUIET - how could I get up
off the couch and see the reason why. Luckily their washable :)


These are my neighbor mommys minus Emily we do a lot together. On Monday we took a walk to park, 1.5 miles away, because the weather was great. It was such a fun morning & the kids loved the trip too. I Love doing life with these mommas, if we ever need anything from a cup of sugar, to someone to watch a kid or a pep talk these women are always a phone call away and so willing to drop anything to help eachother out. Their friendships are priceless & I couldn't be more thankful to be friends with them!! 

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