December 16, 2015

Hudson 31 months

Hudson at 31 months::

He calls target, monster truck store
He talks in sentences, it's so cute!!
He loves giving Lincoln a paci even though he doesn't really care for it.
Every morning when he wakes he says where'd daddy go? 
Loves to clean
Loves building things & running fast!
Jumping is super fun for him
He constantly says watch this mommy
When you're in the car with him he can point out every car/truck within a mile radius. He shouts out every car or truck that he knows the name for. Mommy look at this, mommy look at this. So sweet!
He loves book
Loves helping with Lincoln, getting toys, giving him puffs, hugs, anything he's such a sweet brother!!

Can you believe that was two years ago, sweet Hudson on Santa's lap. At the exact age Lincoln is!!

Hudson you are an absolute gift, we treasure you!!!

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