August 10, 2015

Weekend Fun

We had such a fun weekend, Saturday we went out and watched our friend compete in a triathlon. Hudson loved it, the event was super family friendly and Hudson loved watching them ride their bikes, he kept saying more more! 

Josh & Hudson leaving the lake swimming portion and heading to see them transition to the bike. 

Bikes galore!

Hudson ran up and down this hill a few dozen times.  There were two older girls doing handstands and cartwheels and they were so sweet to Hudson. He kept trying to do a handstand like they did so eventually they came over and helped him, it was really sweet. 

Hudson watching them do cartwheels. 

Take a guess on how long the balloon lasted in his hands :)

Sweet boy can work this entire puzzle by himself, he knows where they all go!! He's a whiz like his daddy!!

We had a cook out & pool party with our friends from church, these are Hudson's buddies. That's Lincoln in the car seat :)

Tummy time, he's getting so strong!

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