April 16, 2015

Phrases & Sentences

Hudson's talking a whole lot more, even piecing together phrases and sentences. Where did my baby go?!

First phrase we caught him saying was:

--Slide Down--

Any picture he sees of a man & woman he says 'mama and daddy' 

Today he said, 'this is my truck.' He said it so slowly and very intentional like it was a chore to say, so sweet!

When we put the sunroof down 'hands hands' (because we put our hands in the air through the sunroof!)

He has started saying 'sure'

This kid has never missed seeing a truck or motorcycle go past us while driving. 

My grandma Kramer sent him a dinosaur pop-up book, you would think it's worth it's weight in gold. 'Dinosaur book, Dinosaur book, Dinosaur book,' as he is standing on his tip toes, face red, drool coming down his mouth out of excitement that maybe daddy will read it to him. Josh said 'oh dear what has your grandma done to us!'

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