April 15, 2015

Photos Photos!

Here's a bunch of photos of Hudson! We had a busy past weekend and I'm just now recovered from it, shew third trimester fatigue is hitting me hard. 

We are looking forward to this weekend, we have plans to drop HW off with my sister-in-law, and have a staycation-babymoon before Lincoln comes. Hudson's not feeling great though so I'm taking him to the doctor in the morning, I think it may be pink eye (ugh!) poor little guy! Hoping we can still do our weekend but most of all we hope Hudson is feeling better!

B & Hudson swinging 

Afternoon snack on the front porch pointing out all the cars & trucks!

Ball, Ball, Ball!

Toddler Boy dress up ...?? :)

This Dr. Seuss book, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day, is currently his favorite and Go Dog Go, of course!

Sweet boy stopping to smell the flowers, it's the little things!

My boys, Lincoln is 33 weeks & Hudson is one day shy of 23 months!!

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