March 15, 2015

Favorite words of an almost two year old

Here are some of Hudson's favorite words:

Show (for watching a cartoon)

Nack (for a snack)

See (for yes)

Tweet (for treat)

Saw (for sorry)

B (for his blankie)


Pease (for please)

Danks (for thanks)


Inosaur (for his dinosaur PJ's, Hudson LOVES pajamas he picks out which ones he wears every night!)


Stuck (second favorite word) 

No (for just about anything, 1 favorite word)

{Funny story, Saturday while we were moving Hudson was pushing around his truck and trying to go into the kitchen where Joyce & Josh were painting. Well I told him no and kept standing in front of the door to block him. He finally turned around and I left the room, well once I left he immediately bolted back towards the kitchen. He made it across the threshold only to find his Aunt Jessie who looked down and said to him, 'Hudson are you listening to your mom?' Hudson staring back up at Jess looking her square in the eyes says, 'No,' and proceeds into the kitchen.  I have to say I got to love his honesty!}

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