March 25, 2015

22 Months HWR

Hudson at 22 months:

He loves choosing his clothes, this dinosaur short is currently a favorite. 

He loves to climb.

He thinks he's a lot bigger than he is!

Could swing for a very very long time if there are people to watch.

Forget toys when you have dirt which is all he wants to do at the playground two blocks away.

He likes to clean off his hands and say, 'Mess Mess!'

Loves baths & his boat for the tub.

Loves to show me his teeth when I ask!

Loves all this unpacking, well mainly the empty boxes.

He could do this for days line up his cars, trucks & buses! The bus below he is setting down is actually an ornament my grandma kramer sent us but Hudson LOVES it. If I let him sleep with it he would!

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