January 9, 2015

Josh's new job

Josh is LOVING his new job, he's only three days in but he says it seems like everything he's dreamed he wanted in a job. Big statement I know. But let's remember where we have come from, teaching & dreaded Fulton.  I'm so happy and proud of him! 

Last night we stayed up late and Josh told me about all his co-workers and bosses and said they all are so enthusiastic about their work. Some have been doing this job for 2 years and some for 27 years. But he says they all have this passion to innovate better things and so much creativity. Today, he is looking at a busted diesel engine, putting it together, working through all the parts  and talking about the sensors in a car which is his role as a sensors engineer. (Snooze fest is my thought on it!!) 

The picture above was from his first day on Wednesday. Did I say I was proud of him, Congratulations Josh!! 

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