January 14, 2015

Gymnastics Class

Well we made it to gymnastics class today, sweet Hudson is still pretty whiny from the ear infections but he's feeling much better! There were 3 other kids in our class today. 

In class they started with stretching, then we moved to Hudson's favorite part, the trampoline. The trampoline was flush with the ground and had cushions all around it so it was perfect for their age group. Hudson was by far the smallest out there but he dominated the trampoline. Next, was balance beam then the bars and lastly the obstacle course. They let the kids free play for a bit on the playground. I think next week will be even better for Hudson, hoping he gets over all this sickness and is back to his normal self!! 

Hudson 'patiently' waiting for class to start. 

Balance Beam

High Bars 

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