November 5, 2012

weekend recap

 over the weekend we celebrated josh's friends birthday, thomas, it was a wonderful time. we had a potluck dinner, sang happy birthday and finished the night with a game of charades (girls won!!). 

saturday morning we went to cheer jess on running her first 1/2 marathon, oh did i mention it was pouring rain and about 40 degrees out, brrr! we told her we would watch her at the 3 mile marker and the 6 mile marker, but then it absolutely started to pour once we got in our car after she passed the 6 mile marker. so we decided to drive downtown to the 12 mile marker and cheer her on that last mile. she was so happy to see us! just imagine running 13 miles in the cold and rain and then with one mile to go people jumping up and down cheering your name, josh even ran the last 1/2 mile with her. it was a great time!

i even managed to drag josh out for a run with me on sunday! :^)

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