November 7, 2012

jeni's ice cream

sooo the other night we made a run to whole foods for ice cream, already a bad combination. a pregnant women + middle of the night = disaster.

well a friend of ours told us about jeni's ice cream, based out of columbus, ohio, which he says is the best ice cream ever. so of course we had to try. so you may be asking why is this a disaster well my husband is very frugal or as i like to say money conscious and this delightful PINT of ice cream cost $9.99, yep i said :^)

but needless to say it was delish! they had such a variety of ice cream flavors, we tried roasted strawberry buttermilk, they also had pistachio + honey, sweet potato with torched marshmallows  salty caramel and lavender, so obviously some interesting flavors. i will admit i'm not a big ice cream fan but i absolutely loved this brand. they pride them self on using ingredients from the earth and their milk comes from grass-fed cows.

they have a wonderful 2 minute video on their website showing how they make their sweet potato with torched marshmallow ice cream to watch click here.

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