June 14, 2017

New house!


We've moved! Sorry I've been absent all on here, moving with kids is tough. Grandma & Grandpa not sure how y'all moved so many times with all the kids. Having children has made me appreciate so much more things in life, it's given me a better understanding of time & what matters most. 

We had 7 guys come over from our church and moved us in 1.5 trips, they were a huge blessing!

Few pictures of the house as we're moving in.



Hudson & Josh went out for their inaugural mow with our new zero turn mower. 





They're adding a concrete turn around pad off our driveway which is brand new. It was part of our contract. 


Lunches with naked boys on the porch everyday!


Went to a air show at our airport this last weekend boys loved it! 

Josh mows & I relax on our deck!

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