May 10, 2017

Ear Tubes


Lincoln did GREAT for his procedure today! The hardest part was waking him so early, not feeding him till 10 am, after his surgery. Shew! I'm so glad that is over. The doctor said he had so much fluid in his ears and it was like glue. She said his hearing should improve tremendously & his infections should stay away. We're so relieved! 

The staff at the hospital were so great & sweet to him. When I went back to the recovery room to get him after surgery he was snuggled on a nurse wrapped in his blankie & the nurse said oh he's so sweet can I keep him :) Love how much they loved on my baby!! 


He got to decorate his mask that they use to put him to sleep so he would be more comfortable with the mask. 



Also the high school did a service project and made the sweetest blankets for all the Pediatric patients. How sweet!! Lincoln got a frog blanket.


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