February 14, 2017



We had a Valentine's Day party at my house yesterday, with Jill, Hannah & Emily - or as we call our group the donner park moms!! We all leave around donner park!! 

The kids had so much fun, I wish I took more pictures but obviously it was a busy morning!!


Josh & I went for a bike ride Sunday it was beautiful weather!!


Boys before church Sunday, the sweetest boys ever!!

Hudson's going to school today for a Valentine's Day party, I kept him home Friday from school & just sent Lincoln. So miss Karen invited him today so he could participate in the party. He's so excited!! I have all his homemade Valentine's in a bag each with a tootsie roll pop & we're taking blueberries for his party. Lincoln and I have an errand to run & I have a nasty head cold so we may just take it easy for the rest of the time. 


Oh! I also threw a baby shower at my house for my sweet friend Suzanne Saturday. It was brunch style and so much fun. 

The bottom left picture is Meg, Suzanne, Allison & I - they hosted the party with me and we're such a help!! The bottom right picture is Suzanne & her husband Joe!!





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