November 11, 2016

Signs orders lately


I've had tons of sign orders lately! October I did 75 & November looks like it will be more!! Can't believe how well this little business is going, so blessed!!

I almost stopped this summer but decided to scale back & up prices to be more competitive with other sign makers. My prices at that time were a lot cheaper than competitors & that's why I got super busy. 

I really enjoy doing it & it keeps me super busy. A friend the other day said how do I juggle teaching Bootcamp @ 5:30 AM 3 mornings a week, run a business & raise these boys along with josh. I told her I was born with an absurd amount of energy & it keeps me out of trouble! I do love being busy & always having something to do, so I suppose it fits. I do plan on closing the shop for a week or two over Christmas just to take a break & get refreshed!!









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