November 19, 2016

Buddy the elf first night here


So the idea of elf on the shelf is that santa sends his elf to report back if you're naughty or nice. I've been wanting to do with the boys & this year we're doing it! 

So buddy the elf is a little mischievous and sweet to. I've found so many fun ways to do this and as the story goes every night he travels back to the North Pole to report to santa. So every morning when the boys wake up he will be moved & he can also move during the day. There's only one rule you can't touch buddy the elf or he'll lose his Christmas magic & then he wouldn't be able to tell santa how you've been. 

So night one I made him a bed of Legos & all the cars lined up to sleep next to him :)



This is the box he came in & the book. 

Here's some fun ideas I've seen on Pinterest I want to do :) 

So be on the lookout everyday for what buddy the elf does!!





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