May 21, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Hudson!!


Hudson had so much fun at his friend party today, pizza & cupcakes!

What a GIFT you are, we absolutely cherish you & love the sweet boy you're becoming. I still remember the day we had you I'll never forget becoming a momma. Love you soo much!!

You've started calling me mommy or mom, you use to call me mawwy which I miss so much!! 

You constantly talk about dad when he's at work or anyTime you see a big working truck - my daddy works on big trucks, Hudson works on big monster trucks :) 

You always say my daddy would be so proud of me I love my daddy. 

You love to say oh wincoln :)

You still LOVE monster trucks & lightening McQueen 

Your favorite food is pickles, peppers, carrots & ranch dip!

You've started to use the potty, hallejiuah!! 

You like to make drawings for your cousins & friends. 

You love riding your scooter bike & walking & sitting next to Lincoln. 

Love bucket trucks!

Pushing Lincoln on walks.

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