May 4, 2016


We built a ramp today to play with since it's rainy!

Playing in Lincolns crib post nap

Holding up the cards him & Lincoln made for Mother's Day!

On Tuesday 3 other moms & I take turns watching all our kids! This week was Hannah & my turn at her house. The other 2 moms get 2.5 gets FREE!! It's so fun having these ladies just a few blocks away with a playground in between us. These sweet kiddos are becoming great friends!

My sweet boy on the big kids swing!

Trips to target love this cart!

 Asked me to take a pic of him :) 

Went to the mall in Indy & Hudson about died when he said this 'fast car' in the mall.

Made his day!

Made these teacher gifts for Hudson's 2 teachers at his ltrschool he goes to on Friday mornings! 

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