January 15, 2016

Hudson 32 months

{Woops I'm a day late!}

Things I don't want to forgot about this age of Hudson ::::

How you say look at this mommy look at this mommy, 15 times in a row fast about everything!
Driving in a car with you and you being able to not only point out every type of truck & car but also hear them and tell me what type of vehicle if is.
How you always know where we are driving & your constantly telling me to turn different ways because you always remember where any construction site is. 
How absolutely sweet & caring you are!!
How worried you get when Lincoln is crying & you will sprint to find me & say 'mommy Bebe sad, come now!' 
When I find you loving on your brother if I've left the room or turned my back. 
For Christmas you got Lincoln a stuffed monkey & anytime he cries you give it to him & he smiles.
How you hide all his toys because you think all he ever wants is the monkey you got him for Christmas. 
How willing you are to help me do anything & everything. You're always one step ahead of me & always offering to help. I love how generous you are!

Hudson you're an absolute GIFT!!!

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