December 4, 2015

Our week :: MOPS Brunch

We had our MOPS Christmas party Wednesday, it was so fun. Here's some pictures!! Above a girl made this bags & everyone wrote warm & fuzzys about eachother and put each lady's bag. It was so sweet & so special to read all the sweet things people wrote about me!!

Our brunch!! So yummy!!

The oldest class of kids sang a few Christmas songs for us :) Can't wait till next year Hudson will be up on that stage!! 

Hudson made me my first Christmas ornament. Felt so special hanging that on my tree!!! 

This is the ornament Lincoln gave me :) :) Love my ornaments, it's my favorite present ever!!

I added Lincolns school picture to Hudson's on the fridge.

My warm & fuzzy notes!!

 Lincoln eating a teething wafer. 

Sweet boys watching cations & holding hands!!

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