October 19, 2015

Weekend fun!!

We had such a great weekend, we love anytime time daddy is home with us!!

Over the weekend we went to a bonfire and Hudson had the TIME OF HIS LIFE.  They lived out in the country and had a tractor, land, a pond & tons of sticks to play with. When we left his face was covered in dirt & there were briars all through his hair. He ran through that field chasing his friends, collecting sticks to toss in the fire, played in the bed of the truck screaming MONSTER TRUCK :) Oh our sweet boy had such a great time!! 

Hudson's dream driving a tractor!

Huge bonfire!

Hudson's buddy Alexa!

Hudson pretending to be Bebe :)

A witch ran into a telephone pole :: cute Halloween decoration we saw on our Sunday walk!

My sweet, smiley boy in his truck pj's!

Bright & early Saturday morning family picture. The boys woke super early Saturday but made up for it Sunday by sleeping till 8 (Lincoln) & 8:45 (Hudson)!

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