October 12, 2015

Hudson boy!

Sweet Hudson is playing with his shadow in the picture above - how sweet!

So here are some phrases Hudson says all the time:

Stay right here
Look at this mommy
Look at this daddy
Sit right here
Here you go Bebe
One, two, THREE
Blast off
Go outside?
Front porch time?
Socks off
Chocolate milk please
Thanks mommy
It's okay Bebe
Where'd it go (fire truck siren he hears or choo choo train he hears)
Show please
Take picture (usually when he wants to show people or daddy his trucks or car, or I put his hair in a ponytail :) )

Playing outside yesterday morning!

Hudson woke up Monday and asked if he cousin vaccum for me. He has such a caring heart & is always look to serve others, so thankful for this sweet boy!!

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