September 27, 2015

Weekend well spent

We had such a relaxing weekend, we've been so busy & I was sick most of the week it was refreshing to just spend it together at home. Saturday morning I did make pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, Hudson was so excited! Then the Mill Race marathon & half marathon ran past our house we were the last mile of the race so it was super fun to watch and cheer people on. A lot of our friends ran and they would wave to us & we had a lot of friends stop by on their way downtown to see the finish. Really fun morning!!

The guy running in the above picture was the 2nd place half marathon winner!

Hudson loves to play with Lincoln's stuff :) 

Saturday night a friend had a drive-in movie at her house in the country. She used a projector to show the new Cinderella movie, have you seen it?? It was darling, I felt like a little girl again. It was such a sweet, crisp fall evening the apple cider, kettle corn & caramel apples just made it so special. 

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