September 17, 2015

Lincoln Tucker 4 months

Oh sweet Lincoln we love you!! Your big brother Hudson just adores you and if I left him he would tote you around like a baby doll. 

You have the happiest, most content personalities. You love being at home and always feel safe and calm in your room. You love your mobile, playing with your book that crinkles. I think you're teething since you're hands are constantly in your mouth with a trail of drool. You always wake up happy, cooing & smiling. 
{Hudson & Lincoln same blanket same age}

You love watching Hudson play and love when he gives you kisses. You sleep all night and have been for quite sometime. You're such a great sleeper and even go down for your naps with such ease. Some nights you have a fussy period in the evening where you can't get settled or comfy but it never last long. 

You love playing on the floor and being on your belly and back checking out the world around you. I've found when you get fussy if I lay you on a blanket on the floor you calm right down. I think you will be my little introvert :)

We are so honored to be your parents and I just love staying home with you. Can't wait to see what this next month brings for you. Love you!!

We have our 4 month appointment later today but will update his height & weight later!!

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