September 16, 2015

Hudson 28 months

Hudson what a Joy you are!! Staying home with you is such a privelage and I love all our time together. Currently your one true love is monster trucks, you love them and can now name about any type on truck on the road. Going on a car ride is such a fun experience for you since you love to look around at everything. 

You are learning so many words and pick up on what we say almost instantly. Your favorite phrases are :::chocolate milk, sit right here, stay right here, watch a show please, monster truck, play trucks, play stickies, play with Bebe, mawwy & daddy, go to parkside, fast car, snack time please, mawwys truck, daddy's car. 

This morning daddy asked what you would like for breakfast and you said pancakes :) I made some a few days ago and it seems they were a hit!

Favorite food is pickles hands down you love them. You also like smoothies, peppers, hot dog, goldfish and bread.

We love you sweet boy and can't wait to see you grow each and everyday. You have brought us more happiness than you'll ever know!!

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