June 28, 2015

Sweet times

We've had a great weekend, Lincoln has had a rough day today, maybe gas? He's currently in a milk coma on my chest and every time I stop patting his bottom he stirs! So I'm typing with my left hand only :)

Saturday we went to the farmers market in town & had so much fun. The 60 degree weather didn't hurt either! We bought meat from a local beef farm in town & I cooked the smoked brisket tonight it was amazing! I also got purple onions, heirloom tomatoes & cucumbers and made a summer salad. Then we had corn on the cob and kale, Josh has joined me in eating more healthy. I'm trying to lose the baby weight and he has been such a great encourager to me - thanks Josh! 

Here's some sweet photos of the boys - oh aren't they going to have such a fun time growing up together, I can already see it now!

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