May 11, 2015

Our weekend

What a sweet weekend we had!! I woke up extra early Saturday and drove to a really good donut shop in Seymour and surprised these two with a dozen donuts!! They weren't happy at all :)!!

Then we walked downtown to the farmers market which is 12 blocks away and got some homemade bread. Next we decided to walk to a park that I take Hudson to a lot, Mills Race Park. We went by a really neat Cummins building that is covered in vines - so pretty! 

Hudson spotted the playground and wanted to run with daddy so he wouldn't miss a thing. 

Here he is picking dandelions he doesn't quite understand the whole blowing thing :). We had such a fun morning!! On the way home we walked the People's Trail which leads right to our house. I didn't snap any pictures but at the Park they were having an elementary school running race so there were hundreds of kids, Hudson loved watching! 

I also decided to bake myself a chocolate cake, Josh doesn't like chocolate so I usually don't get treats like this!! 

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