May 5, 2015

Most used word

Have you ever thought about the word you hear most in a day? Well I can hands down, with no question asked tell you mine.... It's TRUCK! 

Sweet boy is SO excited he knows what a truck is, problem is he says it for any moving object now. And he's convinced he's right! 

Also, can you believe he will be TWO in 11 days - break my heart!! He's SO big and his little personality just kills me. 

We decided to just have a fun day for him on his birthday full of his favorite things. I think I have a few more years of being of the hook for throwing friend parties and given how pregnant I am I'm taking it! 

During Josh's lunch today he INSISTED they were matching glasses together and get a picture. He LOVES his daddy!! When he wants to do something during the day that him and Josh typically do together he will look up at me and say, 'Daddy Home!' As if he will just appear, it's so cute!

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