April 7, 2015

Lincoln's (shared) nursery

We set up the crib over the weekend, I like to have it up so I can talk to Hudson about the new baby. He did really well when having his toddler bed in his room for a few weeks prior to switching so I'm hoping this helps him. I also finished Lincoln's mobile I did the same type as I made for HW just used different colors! Hudson loves it and he loves playing in the crib during the day with his trucks & cars he murmurs baby a lot when he does. Sweet boy!

The boys will be sharing a room once Lincoln starts sleeping through the night ... That's immediate right? :) I was telling Josh how I'm soaking up ALL my sleep before he comes! 

We haven't hung anything on the walls yet because I think we may paint the walls soon. So when we decorate more I will post more pictures!

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