April 8, 2015

Adventures with HW

Oh you ask what Hudson and I do all day well here ya go the answer is CARS & TRUCKS! All day everyday! Notice they are sitting on B, that was my idea shortly after this picture he grabs B and all the cars go flying! 

Hudson had 'school' yesterday aka MOPS, he loves going. When I tell him we are going to school today he runs to grab his bag and then gets his shoes and any pair of my shoes he sees and runs immediately to the door. So sweet!

This is what followed a glorious FOUR HOUR nap of Hudson's yesterday! You may think I took a refreshing nap during that time but oh no I'm in the depths of the third trimester and sleep isn't part of that. Nope sweet Lincoln is practicing gymnastics like his brother in my belly and all I can think about is nesting. But I have been super productive lately! 

But yep you guessed it more cars & trucks! These four are currently his favorite.

Now the cars and trucks are taking a nap under B and Hudson is telling them 'shhh' and closing his eyes so they know to go 'nite nite.' Isn't he sweet?! 

Now he says 'wake wake.'

This is another new thing he is doing he loves to point at the pictures on his rug and tell me what it is. His favorite is house, tree and of course truck. 

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