March 8, 2015

Third Trimester

So I think this is my first belly shot of this sweet boy, oh poor second children. By now Hudson had at least 30+ pictures.  Oh, have I told ya'll the name?? Well we've decided it took a lot of time this time around ---- Lincoln Tucker! 

I feel him kick and twist and turn all the time, he's a lot more active at night just like his big brother Hudson was. I haven't been having many cravings, that's how my pregnancy with Hudson was to.  I'm making a whole lot more trips to the ladies room lately, and I know that won't be going away anytime soon. I am starting to get hungrier more often and the heartburn is getting very intense, I have tums with me at all times. I've only gained 11 lbs so far, but with Hudson it came on quick in those last few weeks! I have only 12 weeks to go until my due date and if you remember Hudson came 2 weeks early! 

I'm just so thankful to be given another little boy, when I was pregnant with Hudson I really didn't know what to expect. Sure we knew we were having a baby but the love that would come I had no idea it would be so strong.  Now that Hudson is right before my eyes I know just how special this little boy is!!

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