February 20, 2015

It's Friday!!

My sweet helper! I started unloading dishwasher this morning and he came over and helped put up all the silverware. He was so proud of himself after he finished he clapped for himself, too sweet. He's been so sweet to me lately, coming up and holding my hand, giving random open mouth kisses all the time to me sometimes he will just look over at me and give the cheesiest smile, sure love this little guy. Hard to imagine adding another one to the mix I know Hudson will enjoy a friend though! 

We close on our house Monday it looks like so stay tuned for house pictures in the coming weeks. Poor Josh has to move everything without me, at least I can unpack boxes and clean the house!! Looking forward to getting more settled and getting more indoor play room for Hudson, winter is always a hard time for toddlers!!

Happy Friday!!

Hudson now knows what earbuds are he loved listening to the music and dancing!

Hudson likes to put daddy's hats on all by himself. That's the look of a proud boy who loves his daddy!!

This was after their last snow adventure, I made them some hot cocoa, Hudson loved it!!

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