December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had so much fun over thanksgiving break, Hudson had the time of his life! He had so many cousins to play with, people to spoil him rotten and food to fill his belly. It was such a wonderful time made it hard to leave on Sunday.

Hudson sporting his new snow pants, isn't he adorable with his hands tucked in there!

Hudson getting a bath from his two cousins Alana (left), Aliza (right)

Can't wait to save this picture for down the line, Hudson carrying a purse!

Aliza (left), Alana (middle) and Olivia (right)

When we got home on Sunday I decided to take a walk while Josh went on a bike ride in the 70 degree weather, can you believe that!

Sweet Hudson fell asleep at 5:30 Sunday night and didn't wake till 7:20 monday morning, he had WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!

Miss everyone, excited for Christmas!!

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