September 13, 2014

Hudson Update

I haven't done an update on Hudson in a while so thought I would tell you what he's into these days.

He's almost 16 months!

Hudson loves books, they are by far his favorite thing to do he will either sit in his favorite red chair we have or he will walk up to you turn around and back up to you until he falls in your lap. Once the book is finished he will get up find another book and repeat it again. When I tell him we are going somewhere in the car he runs to grab a book and reads it the ENTIRE time in the car, I kid you not. He loves books!

Hudson says, "mama, dada, ball, moon (while pointing at the sky), nu-nu-nu (for food)." He loves cooking with me, he loves when I hold him and he watches as I add all the ingredients. His favorite is making smoothies with me which we do every morning and then I fill his sippy cup and he grabs it then starts dancing with excitement. Did I mention he loves to dance, anytime he hears music he starts dancing. As I type this he is running around the living room dancing because a guy is singing on good morning america.

Hudson loves playing outside he has a toy lawn mower that he takes everywhere outside. When josh mows he stands with his lawn mower and just watches josh's every move, pretty sweet.

He has a blankie that he adores, any time he gets sleepy which is often because he has now transitioned to one nap a day. He will go grab his blankey and he does this motion with his tongue almost as if he has a pacifier in his mouth but there is no pacifier and he moves his tongue in the same movement. That's when I know he's tired, do other kids do this? It's adorable!

He is an absolute joy to have, Josh and I just pinch ourselves at how lucky we are to have him. I have no idea what we did with our time before him but I just love our time with him. I'm so happy that I get to stay home with him. It's SO MUCH FUN!

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