September 6, 2014

best days of my life

I'm reminded each day by how sweet this life is, so thankful for these two!!

Hudson and I are finding things to do each day down here, everyone asks me how I like it and my response is always, "it's slower down here." It's so true life is just slow, conversations are long, the sunset is wide and the mosquitoes are everywhere. It's a sweet life down here though I feel like I get so much more quality time with these two and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do with my time.

Josh is really liking his job, it's slow right now as they are still getting the lab up and working but he has such excitement for his work. I'm glad Hudson gets to see him with such enthusiasm for life, and to see the fruition of following your dreams. 

I never know if we will stay here forever or if this is just a launching pad but either way I'd be happy. Although I'd love to have a starbucks and target closer...wink wink! 

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