November 30, 2012

crafting session

 elizabeth and my friend jessica came over yesterday to work on Christmas crafts, it was so much fun. we listened to Christmas music, ate lunch, munched on M&M's and got a lot done!

most of my crafts were for my mom so i'll have to wait to post those till she gets home, but i will show you the advent calendar i made. jessica made one as well i'll have to snap a picture of her creation sometime to show you, it's really creative!
{jessica hard at work getting inspiration off the internet}

advent calendar with bible verses on the back of each card, yes mom you're getting one too! and thanks to jessica for some of the materials!

you may ask what are they doing in the picture, well jessica had a flat on her tire when she was about to leave my house. so we all attempted to change her tire but we got stuck at getting the lug nuts off. so jessica called her husband who graciously left work early to help, he got them off without even trying. as my neighbor said walking by, "it's a man's job!"

have you seen josh smile bigger? i'm not sure i have, he quoted that day as, "the best day ever!"
he's a simple man, boiled custard + ice cream = you gotta love em!

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